IMMAP x CDM Web Wednesday: A Way to Feed Your Learning Craving


A Way to Feed Your Learning Craving

Joint Press Release by:
CDM Philippines & Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)

Did you know that learning comes naturally to human beings?

So, don’t be surprised if the learning bug has bitten you too many times during the pandemic! It’s normal for us to crave for knowledge and to look for ways to broaden it.

Especially in these trying times. We either have a lot of free time on our hands or are getting really tired with our work from home setup and are looking for something new to do. No wonder online learning options are all the rave these days.

In an article by the World Economic Forum, there has been a staggering rise in online learning during the pandemic. Whether, it’s an online learning software, virtual tutoring, virtual conference tools, or even language apps, the surge in usage has significantly increased ever since COVID-19.

What better way to learn than in the comfort and safety of one’s home and in one’s own time? Also, humans are more flexible than you’d expect given we’ve become accustomed to this new learning set up in a short timespan.

So, the next question now is, since we have online learning down to the tee, is what’s there to look forward to?

That’s where we come in! We, more formally known as the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), have something for that learning craving of yours!

We call it the #IMMAP Web Wednesdays! You might have seen it or have heard of it but here’s a quick rundown of what this series is all about.

The #IMMAP Web Wednesdays is a FREE monthly webinar designed to support digital education in the Philippines. Spearheaded by IMMAP’s Education Committee, the webinar aims to spread awareness on the latest digital data, trends, and best practices that can be adapted to businesses. This FREE webinar series is also brought to you by ABS-CBN and IMMAP’s official educational partner Certified Digital Marketer (CDM).

CDM is the Philippines’ leader in digital training and transformation, championing digital learning and certification through online public programs and customizing online learning experiences for corporate clients.

So far, the #IMMAP Web Wednesdays series has had TWO successful sessions. Both were a virtually full house of individuals eager to learn more about digital, marketing, and the New Normal.

The first session, held last April 1, talked about “The E-Conomy and Its New Customer” with Lazada’s Niel Trinidad and Wunderman Thompson Philippine’s Pam Garcia. Then, we had our second session last April 22 when we talked about the “Digital Consumer Behavior in Times of Crisis”. We had Chay Mondejar-Saputil of Facebook Philippines, Gara Ontiveros of Google Philippines, and Martyn U’ren of Twitter.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first two because we still have a line-up of interesting topics for you!

Our next session will be on May 27, 06:00 PM. Learn how to jump-start your Digital Media Strategies (With tips on how to deal with post-COVID-19 Scenarios). We’ll be having a panel discussion with representatives from Unilever, Rakuten Viber, The Nielsen Company, and Mindshare.

It’s sure to be a jampacked session so don’t miss it!

Make sure to register for IMMAP x CDM Web Wednesdays series HERE!

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