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A 1-day expert-led, live online crash course on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this online class, you will learn about what is SEO, how it works, tools and techniques on how to optimize your website for SEO. We will discuss the content and website strategy including the technical know-how on SEO to ensure content visibility and discoverability on Google search.

By the end of this 1-day online course, participants will have technical knowledge of search engine fundamentals, factors for higher ranking SERP, on-page and off-page optimization techniques, and metrics that will allow them to create a comprehensive and systematic SEO action plan.

Anyone interested in content strategy, online PR, publishing, and website management for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

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  • Crawl-Index-Rank: How Search Works
    • Search Engine Loop: Crawl-Index-Rank
    • Crawling: Spiders, Links, Robots.txt
      • Indexing: Indexing Frequency
    • Ranking: LDA and LSI Algorithms
  • Technical Hygiene Factors
    • URL
    • Sitemaps
    • Website Loading Speed
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Content-Based Ranking Factors
    • Keyword Research: Keyword Purpose Matching, Semantic Relevance, Long-Tail Framework
    • Creative Best Practices: SEO Writing, Content Planning
  • On-Page Optimization Techniques
    • Header Tags
    • Internal Linking
    • Metatagging and Metadescriptions
    • Managing Non-Text Content Formats
    • Agile Publishing for SEO
  • Off-Page Optimization Techniques
    • Backlinking
    • Content Syndication
    • Engagement Signals on Social Media
  • SEO Measurement
    • SEO Metrics
    • SEO Auditing Tools


  1. Technical Audit
  2. Keyword List
  3. Content Planning
  4. On-Page Action Plan
  5. Off-Page Action Plan

Get involved online
Unlike your regular recorded webinar and online class, the Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program is an expert-led, live online class using a learning platform that connects our Students with our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Wherever you are, get involved and connected with your SMEs and other learners, go through the lectures, ask questions, and interact on class activities. CDP Facilitators will also be there to make sure everyone is engaged, moderate the class, and support you on Q&A and other challenges.

Share new learnings with team
We have designed the program into bite-sized lectures with in-between individual and group breakout sessions. In your breakout sessions, you will be tasked to interact, share, and solve real digital marketing problems so you can sharpen your digital marketing and strategic skills. Learn with your teams through virtual meeting rooms, work-through activities, and earn points! A good mix of learning tools and apps will be used including GoToWebinar, Zoom, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Google Hangouts, and Google Slides, to name a few.

Never stop learning
Get more content in between sessions through our Student Learning Portal. These will help you learn in your own time and will forever be accessible.

1. Student Learning Portal
Once enrolled, log in to your Student Learning Portal account. Gain lifetime access to your supplementary learning materials, which includes program presentations, readings, videos, case studies, etc.

2. Expert-led, Live Online Class
Wherever you are, tune-in to your scheduled live online lecture and discussion with SMEs. Through an online learning platform, be involved in real-time lectures, engage with peer students, and ask questions.

3. Interactive Breakout Sessions
In-between the live lectures, you will work on interactive breakout sessions for a collaborative and enhanced social learning experience with your fellow learners! This is aided by virtual meeting rooms & workspaces.

4. Facilitated Online Learning
Throughout your online learning journey, there will be CDP Facilitators present to guide and assist you in your learning. They are available to make sure that all students are engaged, moderated, and supported for the best student experience.

5. Certificate of Participation
At the end of your online classes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

A CDP Certification is the ASEAN’s only trusted digital professional certification recognized by the industry. It is an assurance of credibility, integrity, and the highest standard of digital education. Recognized by a network led by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), 500+ members of CDP’s Subject Matter Experts, industry partner associations, top corporations, and local & international advisory board members. It is formal documentation that demonstrates proficiency and competency in digital.

Your CDP Certification and education will allow you to network with like-minded professionals.

Should you wish to earn a CDP Certificate, you are required to complete a CDP Digital Training program, take, and pass the Certification Exam. An additional fee applies when you select the CDP Certification Program. However, if you prefer not to take the Certification Exam, you could opt for just a Certificate of Participation that will be given as proof of class attendance.

Our programs are conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are industry experts and thought leaders. CDP boasts a 200+ SME network of partners who provide ongoing feedback on program design and syllabus, the latest best practices, case studies, and digital trends.

Your class will be taught and facilitated by a mix of SMEs coming from this line up.

General Manager, TrueLogic Online Solutions
Managed 300+ websites and scaled 3 web-based companies to multi-million dollar status

Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech
Former Country Manager, NuffNang


Regular Rate: $359.00 + VAT
Limited Slots Left, 30% OFF: $251.30 + VAT

*Certification is optional. Learn more about CDP Certifications.

1-DAY LIVE ONLINE Class with Certificate of Participation

Regular Rate: $129.00 + VAT
Limited Slots Left, 30% OFF: $90.30 + VAT

Rate Inclusions:

  • 8 hours of online learning sessions (lectures, experiential learning approach, hackathons, and activities)
  • Access to a Student Learning Portal with a library of content shared during class
  • Access to class presentations by our Subject Matter Experts
  • Opportunity to consult with the Subject Matter Experts during class
  • Student support and consultation via class Facebook Group
  • Earn Certificate of Participation at the end of the program after full attendance
  • For Programs with CDP Certification enrollments only, a CDP Certification is granted at the end of the program after passing the qualifying exam

Payment Methods: 
We accept payments through the following methods:

  • Credit Cards via PayPal – no account needed, no additional fees (American Express is not accepted)
  • Debit Cards via PayPal – no account needed, no additional fees

2023 DATES



  • 09:30 – 18:30 Singapore Time (SST) (UTC +8) /
  • 09:30 – 18:30 Philippine Time (PHT) (UTC +8) /
  • 08:30 – 17:30 Indonesia Time (WIB) (UTC +7) /
  • 08:30 – 17:30 Vietnam Time (ICT) (UTC +7) /
  • 08:00 – 17:00 Myanmar Time (MMT) (UTC +6:30)

Who can take this program?
This is open to everyone who wants to deep-dive their digital learning in search engine optimization. Ideal for anyone interested in content strategy, online PR, publishing, and website management.

Do I need to have a marketing background?
No. Although this program immediately deep dive into digital marketing, prior experience or extensive knowledge in marketing is not necessary.

How do I enroll in this program?

  1. Choose your Program
    Find the perfect Digital Training Program among our industry-verified programs. See how you can use them to bring you that needed leverage in your career.
  2. Complete your Registration
    Register with CDP with the online form. Make sure that all details you will submit are complete, true, and correct. Remember to read and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions to complete your application.
  3. Payment and Confirmation
    Once the application is fully accomplished, proceed to pay for your class. After successful payment, you will officially be part of the class list. We then look forward to having you in our online class as you embark on your digital journey.

Do I receive a certificate after the program?

We give a Certificate of Participation upon your completion of the whole program. This is inclusive of the regular class rate.

You may also choose to receive a CDP Certification for SEO. This is earned after finishing the course and passing the qualifying exam. We recommend getting a CDP Certification to be a recognized expert in your field.


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Our learners are passionate about their learning. We highly recommend you to deepen your digital skills in these programs often enrolled together with the SEO Program.